OBR Oil & Marine Shrink Wrap Recycling Program

Now that spring is in the air, boat owners will be wanting to tear off the shrink wrap and get their boats on the water. But what happens to all the shrink wrap that gets removed from the boats? OBR has a shrink wrap recycling program to keep that shrink wrap out of the landfill!

For $300, you will get 4 1000lb tote bags to fill with used boat wrap (part # ENVIROBAG). You must remove all strapping, vents, zippers, and any other items that are not shrink wrap. Return your filled bags to us, and we will ship it to Toronto for recycling. It's that simple!

Or, if your customers take their boats away with the shrink wrap still on, you can sell them a consumer recycling bag for $10 (part # DS-GLRBAG). They fill it with their shrink wrap (removing all vents, buckles, strapping and zipper access doors) and return it to you. You get it back to us, and we'll send it to Toronto for recycling. Please contact us for bag pricing.

Together, we can make a difference in saving the planet!

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